Integrated Network Cabling Systems

Ensure your voice and data systems are viable for years to come. As a vital part of your company's infrastructure, Advent Systems provides the foundation for virtually all of your communications with the craftsmanship and expertise to ensure your system expands and changes along with your business. From computers to fax to phone to fiber, we provide complete solutions to match your needs. For your network cabling requirements, Advent Systems offers:
  • Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Voice/Data Cabling Solutions
  • Network Management
  • Service/Ongoing Maintenance
Structured Cabling Service

Enjoy the luxury of having an expert networking team design an exceptional system for you that will start up smoothly. Advent Systems' technicians are experienced and trained by the top manufacturers in the industry. Furthermore, our project management teams get to know your system for consistent installation and service within one building or when linking multiple locations.

Advent designs a totally customized system to match your unique needs and coordinate with your network engineers to assure that your system is up and running without a hitch. We also provide complete testing and documentation, virtually eliminating time spent by your staff troubleshooting network problems. In addition, Advent maintains dealer agreement and warranties with most major manufacturers to ensure your equipment is in top form.

Voice/Data Cabling Solutions

Never worry about your complex cabling projects, from large buildings to campus environments—it's Advent Systems' area of expertise. We provide the foundation for virtually all of your communications to ensure their viability for years to come. Through our expert planning, LANs and WANs become effective, trouble-free parts of your business, linking your employees and facilities to vital information. Aside from the normal copper solutions, we offer a wide range of options—such as fiber-optic cabling and wireless networks—which means you get the best possible solution for your unique needs.

Network Management

Get the sophistication and ease you've been searching for with Advent Systems. We are specialists at creating management tools for large networks through custom hardware and software configurations. You will receive CAD-generated plans and documentation of your entire cabling system, phone extensions, workstation locations and data ports that will make moves, adds, changes and troubleshooting easy. Our turnkey service includes customized cable patching and wire management on your racks and cabinets. In addition, your network managers and administrators will receive all of the documentation they need to ensure you have an effective and viable system moving forward.

Service/Ongoing Maintenance

Our continuing support reduces downtime and extends the life of your network, ensuring your employees are not halted by a non-functioning system. Our maintenance service includes meticulous labeling and documentation to rearrange even the most disorganized cable system. We also provide complete retesting and documentation for all cable types, topologies and media, leaving you with an easily maintained network.

To offer you the best network cabling system solutions and service, some of Advent Systems' manufacturer partners include:
  • Belden
  • BerkTek
  • CommScope
  • Essex
  • Leviton
  • Mohawk
  • Ortronics
  • Panduit

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