Case Studies: Paging / Sound Masking

While many corporations have turned to an "open office" environment to cultivate better teamwork, many employees need a sense of privacy to maintain productivity and concentration. Advent Systems solves this issue by designing and installing a sound-masking system that produces a subtle white noise. This unobtrusive background noise eliminates distractions to improve concentration and well-being.

Easily page and locate staff, even within large offices or warehouse environments. Advent Systems has the resources to develop, install and maintain a sound/paging system you will use every day for decades to come. As an added benefit, you can use your system to provide background music for visitors, customers and employees.

Please review our case studies for Paging / Sound Masking:
Download a pdf of Paging / Sound Masking case studies.

Government Bank

With its current system offering erratic coverage, this government bank wanted smooth and even coverage for its entire floor to provide privacy and improve the productivity of its employees. more >>
Law Firm

A top ten law firm in Chicago, this organization specializes in mergers and acquisitions for companies, which can often become a tenuous process. Located in a prominent downtown high-rise, the law firm wanted to make sure no sound would escape its offices that could potentially hurt its client's privacy and business dealings. more >>
Pharmaceutical Company

This pharmaceutical company was building a brand new corporate headquarters with two buildings each comprised of four floors. As one of the global leaders in the industry, the client was concerned with employee productivity as well as controlling information visitors could hear. more >>

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