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Security Management Systems


From a simple security system for a small company to one that accommodates thousand of employees, entrances, secure areas and equipment, we offer:

  • Access Control and Asset Management Systems

    • Integrated Security Management

    • Access Control

    • Asset Management/RFID

    • Biometric Devices

  • Closed-circuit Television Systems

  • Systems Integration

  • Service/Maintenance Contracts

As experienced systems integrators, we ensure that all your security management system components work together seamlessly. And if you ever need updates or troubleshooting, we also offer service and maintenance contracts to keep your business secure and productive.




Effective communication is critical to the success of any business. We custom design audiovisual systems for boardrooms, meeting rooms, training centers and auditoriums.


We offer:

  • Presentation systems

  • Live sound systems

  • Control systems

  • Audio and video conferencing

  • Digital signage


Network Cabling


Voice and data networks are the life blood of your organization. From phone to fiber, our expert networking team has the experience and skill to provide complete solutions to match your current needs and to expand as your business grows. We offer:

  • Structured Cabling Solutions

  • Voice/Data Cabling Solutions

  • Structured Cabling Service

We will work with your network engineers to ensure that your system starts up smoothly, and provide complete testing and documentation, virtually eliminating time spent troubleshooting network problems. Our technicians are trained by the top manufacturers and we maintain dealer agreement and warranties with most major manufacturers to stay on top of equipment advances and updates.


Paging/Sound Masking


In today's open work environments, it's important to reduce distractions and enhance communications to support the productivity of your employees.


We offer solutions which to page and locate staff while also providing background music to help create a pleasant working environment for visitors, customers and employees.


Sound masking systems help to alleviate noise levels from inhibiting productivity. Advent Systems designs and installs sound masking systems that produces a subtle white or pink noise that follows the ANSI frequency curve. This unobtrusive background noise eliminates distractions to improve concentration and well-being.


Service & Support


Excellence is at the heart of everything we do. After your system is installed, to make sure it continues to function optimally we offer ongoing service and technical support.


Whether you're located next door or on the other side of the world, we're there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For your service needs, Advent offers:

  • Ongoing maintenance and system support

  • Fleet of local mobile service units

  • Strategic service partners worldwide

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