Case Studies: Access Control / CCTV (Security): Financial Services Provider

With more than 50 million card members, this financial services provider is one of the largest card issuers in America. The client processes and produces all of its cards and information in one massive facility, which hosts more than 10,000 employees. After 9/11, the company wanted to reassess and bulk up its security system and processes to ensure no one could sabotage its buildings and compromise customer information. It required security throughout the building as well around the perimeter of the client's corporate campus. With so much at stake, the client needed a security company that had the professional experience and staff to plan and manage the size and scope of the project.

To protect the perimeter of the campus, Advent Systems installed more than 400 surveillance cameras connected to more than 30 digital video recorders that were integrated to an access control system for video call-up in case an alarm was triggered. The team also installed barriers, outside gates and two guard positions to help secure the perimeter. Advent then issued more than 10,000 key cards to control the flow of employees and visitors to the facility and installed optical turnstiles to control personnel movement into the facility. In addition, special key cards with biometric readers were established for high-security spaces, such as the data center and computer room, as an additional security measure.

Currently, the financial services provider has retained Advent to maintain the system on an ongoing basis. In addition, Advent is expanding the security implementation to the client's other centers nationwide.

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