Case Studies: Access Control / CCTV (Security): Hospital Trauma Center

As one of the country's leading teaching hospitals and one of Chicago's busiest hospitals and trauma centers, this client had a large number of patients visiting its emergency and medical care rooms. Also, because it was located in the heart of downtown and surrounded by foot and street traffic, the hospital was concerned about controlling access to its facilities, which included 11 buildings on a campus-like setting.

As the largest independent security provider in the Midwest, Advent was able to create and implement all of the company's own work rather than outsource it. The Advent team was hands-on for the entire project, from planning the system to actually pulling the cables. In all, Advent created a security monitoring system for the client's two-million-square-foot main building, which required more than 600 card reader access controls, 210 cameras and a graphical user interface. Then the team rolled out similar systems to the remaining 10 buildings, which were all integrated into one user-friendly system for the client.

Most recently, Advent installed a security and baby monitoring system for the hospital's women's center, implementing it as the building was constructed. To date, the entire system supports more than 1,000 card readers and 425 surveillance cameras. In addition to this client, Advent has installed security systems for five more hospitals in the Chicagoland area.

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