Case Studies: Access Control / CCTV (Security): Insurance Company

The largest health insurance company in the state of Illinois was receiving subpar service from its national security provider. When the client turned to Advent Systems for help, Advent was able to address the client's issues within hours and has continued servicing the client with its more than 70 security Illinois-based professionals. When the client decided to build a new headquarters several years later, it immediately asked us to plan its security system to protect the information of its 6.5 million members.

Considering the client had more than 12,000 employees, Advent implemented a complex and comprehensive security system that was built into the 50-story tower as it was being constructed. Advent put into operation a digitally recorded, closed-circuit television system integrated with an access control system for video call-up in case an alarm was triggered. In addition, Advent designed a restricted parking lot access system for the client's internal parking garage, allowing more than 200 vehicles wireless access to the garage.

More than ten years later, Advent is still servicing the client. Advent has rolled out the company's security system model to the client's 12 claim processing centers in Illinois and beyond, including Albuquerque, N.M. As the client has grown in size, reaching more than 20,000 employees, Advent has expanded the client's security coverage, adapting the current security blueprint as needed. In addition, the Advent team is currently building in the appropriate security measures as the client expands its headquarters another 20 stories up.

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