Case Studies: Paging / Sound Masking: Distribution Company

As a billion-dollar, privately held company that distributes inventory for catalogs, this client needed a data and voice system that could keep up. When the client was preparing to build a 750,000-square-foot warehouse in addition to its existing structures, the distribution company looked to Advent Systems. The client specifically wanted to tie in the new voice and data system back into its main building.

As the concrete floor of the new warehouse was being poured, our team pulled the necessary cable piece by piece. Requiring extensive construction coordination between all of the different trades on the job site over six months, we pulled more than 100,000 feet of fiber and copper cabling throughout the space, which was almost three football fields long. In the end, the client had an operational single-mode fiber-optic cabling backbone system that connected directly back into the existing information structure.

Advent's flawless data and voice design allowed the client to turn on the new system without a single hiccup. As the distribution company has continued to expand its operations over the past four years, the client has relied solely on us to make sure their systems are perfect.

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