Case Studies: Paging / Sound Masking: Manufacturing Company

Dealing with an extremely noisy environment ranging from 30 to 110 decibels, the noise level of a typical rock concert, paging someone over the ear protection worn on the plant floor was not only challenging but also a safety issue. In addition, the company was paying large long-distance phone bills between plants.

Navigating around and over massive machinery in a 300-000-square-foot facility, we first implemented our extensively engineered design, producing a CAT 6 structured cabling network with a paging system that tied in to a voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) system. Using strategically placed speakers, the front office now can clearly page someone or alert the whole floor of any operational danger. In addition, with VoIP-enabled phones, management can carry the phones throughout the facility and communicate with other plants without paying the long-distance fees, saving the company serious money.

To date, we have successfully launched five of the client's 19 plants and continue to implement each building with our consistent design to bring all of the facilities up to the same level nationwide. Once completed, the client will be able to use the paging system to address all of the plants at once, allowing management to speak directly to their employees worldwide.

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